Pro Land Title is here to help.

Hello there! We’re glad you’re here! Pro Land Title is a locally owned, locally operated title company and we are committed to ensuring our clients and industry partners have the best service and experience possible with their closing process.

Pro Land Title is here to help.

When they walk in the door with questions or needing some kind of help the attention that we give each one makes them keep coming back.  Most of the time when they come in asking the questions they are searching for a title company with employees that aren’t going to make them feel like their transaction is just another deal.

Marsha Walton, Closing Manager

We customize the process to meet our client’s needs, including the type of search/the type of report to the closing process.  We are determined to provide the best customer service in the industry for the entire State of Arkansas. The Pro Land employees are experienced, dedicated and professional and strive to exceed our client’s expectations.

Alta Tharp, Commercial Title Manager

Title insurance can be easy

(and fun!)

Title insurance is here to protect YOU! During the title process, we search to ensure a clear chain of title, and make sure the property you’re purchasing is free of any title or deed issues. This can be anything from errors in filing to a lien on the property! It’s important to protect your investment.

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We love our business partners!

We close when and where you need us! We want to ensure that closings are convenient for you and your clients. We are here to help you succeed! Our co-owner and marketing director offer engaging, informative learning sessions for your office on topics such as cyber security, title/deed info, personal branding, social media management, and more! In all that we do, we are here to help you, our industry partners, as well as our clients.

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